Spread the Gift of Natural Sweetness with Eternal Honey

There’s always a special occasion in each day that passes by, and as we want to make the celebrant feel extra special, we do our best to search for that perfect gift that would put a smile on their faces and to hopefully make their day even sweeter.

Oh, and here’s an idea! Why not add that extra touch of sweetness to your gifts with Eternal Honey products?

Apart from its natural sweetness, Raw Honey is best known for its health benefits such as having antioxidant effects, boosting the immune system, and even a natural remedy for coughs and colds. Just how much sweeter can that be, right?

Located in Oregon and Washington, Eternal Honey offers a wide range of raw honey selections that may just be the perfect sweetener for your little token of love. It also comes in a variety of sizes; you may choose among a hex jar, pint jar, quart jar, or gallon.

Eternal Honey Product Selection

Okay, so you might find yourself considering giving Raw Honey as a gift. Unsure of what to choose? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! To help you with your search, here’s a guided list of raw honey products for your easier reference

Pure Raw Meadowfoam Honey from Silverton, OR

This raw honey from Silverton, OR is perfect for the marshmallow/vanilla lovers out there. Its sweet, complex flavor is sure to leave you

Raw Carrot Honey from Madras, OR

If you’re looking for a dark, stronger, and distinct taste, then our Raw Carrot Honey flavor may just be the thing for you.

Raw Clover Honey from Banks, OR

For a lighter and pleasant taste that’s sure to delight and perk one’s taste buds, our Raw Clover Honey comes in high recommendation!

Raw Wild Blackberry Honey from Estacada, OR

What makes our Raw Wild Blackberry Honey stand out among the rest is its perfectly balanced taste – not too sweet, not too light but just right.

Raw Wildflower Honey from Dufur, OR

Hailing all the way from eastern Oregon, our Raw Wildflower Honey is packed with a distinct light taste and color that will linger on your taste buds.

Wildflower Honey from Toutle, WA

A Pure Raw Honey flavor that truly lives up to its name as it’s taken from an area where only wildflowers bloom.

On top of our Raw Honey pints, you may also want to try out our Oregonian Propolis Shavings and Beeswax from Oregon to complete your Eternal Honey collection.

Just a few sweet reminders about our Eternal Honey Raw Honey products:

It is only natural for our Raw Honey products to crystallize, which is actually a good thing as it gets to preserve its natural flavor and quality. If you want to decrystallize it, put it near heat or you can use hot water.

Our honey is not pasteurized nor does it have additives and preservatives – we’re all about keeping it pure and natural.

  • Each Gallon bucket is 12lb net wt.
  • Each Quart jar is 44oz net wt.
  • Each Pint jar is 22oz net wt.
  • Each Hex jar is 8oz net wt.

The color and texture of raw honey may vary and change over time.

Eternal Honey: The Gift of Natural Sweetness for a Lifetime

We at Eternal Honey take pride in our 100% pure raw honey and being a local provider across Oregon and Washington, we wish to spread the gift of natural sweetness that’s bound to last for a lifetime. We take providing high-quality products very seriously. Our Raw Honey is handled with care; from helping prepare the bees for harvest up to closely monitoring the pollination.

With the current situation of the world given the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us are extra careful with our health. With that being said, we can guarantee the safety of our products.

Drop by our website and make your selection. We’d BEE very happy to assist you in any way that we can!