Local Honey Harvesting 101: Everything You Need To Know

Where does honey come from?

It is without a doubt that bees play a big role in honey production; they pollinate plants, fruits, and vegetables, until ta-da! Honey is formed!

But…is it really there is all to it? BEE-lieve it or not, there’s actually a bigger picture at play here.

Local Raw Honey production is prepared with delicate care; it follows a religious process to ensure that it reaches premier, high-quality and maintain its maximum health benefits.

So what exactly happens in Local Honey Harvesting?

Preparing the Hives

Once beekeepers have established their bee colony, it is important for the beehives to be ready as this will be where they would store their produced honey. Some of them are dome-shaped while there are some that come in boxes.

Pollinating Season

If there’s one more thing you need to know about bees, it’s that most of them do not produce honey all year round. In order to produce an abundant supply of honey, the location, the presence of flowers and plants especially since bees rely a lot on them for honey production.

When the time for pollination comes, the beekeepers will bring the hives to a farm or anywhere that’s abundant with flowers, trees, or plants for the bees to begin pollinating their desired produce.

The peak time of pollination is ideally spring and summer, but it still varies on geographical location, region, and the presence of plants and flowers.

Honey Harvesting Season

After the pollination is done, it’s time for beekeepers to reap the harvest of hard work. It has been said that the best ideal time to harvest honey is summer, between June to September; although external factors such as your location and the climate may need to be taken into consideration.

Moreover, it is important for beekeepers not to let the honey stay for too long, especially when the climate becomes colder like early-mid fall because it will be harder to extract the honey by then.

Below is the step-by-step process on how to harvest honey safely:

  1. Make sure to wear proper protective gear
  2. Open the hive gently and take out the honey frames.
  3. Remove the bees from the honey frames.
  4. Uncap the honeycomb with the use of a knife.
  5. Extract the honey by putting the frame inside a honey extractor
  6. Screen strain your honey to remove any unwanted debris
  7. let it rest.
  8. Bottle your harvest.


And voila! That’s how Local Bee Honey is made! Isn’t that sweet?

What Do Customers Get?

After the honey is extracted and harvested from Local Honey Bees, customers get pure raw honey as the end product where no preservatives or additives are added. Moreover, honey is unpasteurized which makes it a much healthier option rather than the one sold in commercialized establishments where most of the honey has already been pasteurized and filtered.

Eternal Honey: Providing Real Raw Honey Harvested From Local Bees in Oregon and Washington

Here at Eternal Honey, we take pride in our promise to deliver premier, quality local pure raw honey. Our harvesting process is carefully handled with much delicacy wherein we closely keep an eye on our hives.

When the time is right for pollination, we bring our hives to farms and host sites where an abundance of trees, plants, and flowers awaits our bees. Some of our honey comes from various parts of Oregon, like Madras OR, Dufur OR, Estacada OR.

For your daily dose of natural sweetness, make sure to visit our website and sign up for our newsletter to get the latest on Eternal Honey. We are more than happy to BEE of assistance to you and your needs.

The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Raw Honey from Local Honey Bees

The Origin of Eternal Honey

Raw Honey is best known for its many health benefits, and unknown to many of us, there are actually tons of local businesses that provide raw honey products, just like Eternal Honey.

Founded back in 2009, Eternal Honey was established when a local Portlander was helping his uncle in managing his bees. He was hands-on with the job –  from cleaning bee boxes up to preparing the bees for the next honey harvest. When the time for pollination arrived, the team would take the hives to pollinate the fruits and vegetables such as carrots, apples, pears, berries, and clovers; until eventually, it gave rise to the set of products that Eternal Honey has now!

Why Should You Buy Raw Honey from Local Honey Bees?

  • The More Natural It Is, The Healthier It Is

One great thing about Local Honey Bee businesses is that the process of honey production is done naturally, which makes it healthier and safer to use. The raw honey gets to maintain its vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and as well as its natural flavoring; you get to maximize its health benefits. No preservatives or additives were added. You won’t find any of these in chains of supermarkets, or any commercialized stores for that matter.

  • Promotes Environmental Health 

Not only does your health improve when you buy Raw Honey from Local Honey Bees, but at the same time, you are doing Mother Earth some good, which means you are also making your town and city a healthier and safer place to live in.  Likewise, supporting and buying from Local Honey Bees helps your local beekeepers and their bees.

  • Brings Balance to Plant Life, Local Wildlife, and Bee Population

Through the process of pollination, supporting Local Honey Bees also benefits the plant life and the bee population because they are being utilized. This lessens their chances of being endangered, which actually benefits the local wildlife as a whole.

The natural flavor of the honey is extracted when the bees pollinate it, that’s why additives are not necessary.

Eternal Honey: Real Raw Honey from Real Bees in Oregon and Washington

Hailing all the way from Oregon and Washington, Eternal Honey takes pride in delivering real raw honey coming from real bees. Known to be a premier and quality provider of local raw honey, pollen, propolis, and beeswax, we place great value on crafting the best of our local products for the greater benefit of our people, city, and communities.

As we keep your health and well-being in mind, we highly encourage you to support Local Honey Bees and become a part of a greater cause that will not only benefit you but as well as the world around you. We offer a variety of honey selections – our bee-pollinated fruits, vegetables, and wildflowers – to suit your preferences. Likewise, it can be the perfect gift for someone you care about.

Our products are available online for your convenience, so that whichever part of the world you’re residing in, you can still experience the natural sweetness of our Raw Honey products.

For your orders, please feel free to visit our website at https://eternalhoney.wpengine.com.

Spread the Gift of Natural Sweetness with Eternal Honey

There’s always a special occasion in each day that passes by, and as we want to make the celebrant feel extra special, we do our best to search for that perfect gift that would put a smile on their faces and to hopefully make their day even sweeter.

Oh, and here’s an idea! Why not add that extra touch of sweetness to your gifts with Eternal Honey products?

Apart from its natural sweetness, Raw Honey is best known for its health benefits such as having antioxidant effects, boosting the immune system, and even a natural remedy for coughs and colds. Just how much sweeter can that be, right?

Located in Oregon and Washington, Eternal Honey offers a wide range of raw honey selections that may just be the perfect sweetener for your little token of love. It also comes in a variety of sizes; you may choose among a hex jar, pint jar, quart jar, or gallon.

Eternal Honey Product Selection

Okay, so you might find yourself considering giving Raw Honey as a gift. Unsure of what to choose? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! To help you with your search, here’s a guided list of raw honey products for your easier reference

Pure Raw Meadowfoam Honey from Silverton, OR

This raw honey from Silverton, OR is perfect for the marshmallow/vanilla lovers out there. Its sweet, complex flavor is sure to leave you

Raw Carrot Honey from Madras, OR

If you’re looking for a dark, stronger, and distinct taste, then our Raw Carrot Honey flavor may just be the thing for you.

Raw Clover Honey from Banks, OR

For a lighter and pleasant taste that’s sure to delight and perk one’s taste buds, our Raw Clover Honey comes in high recommendation!

Raw Wild Blackberry Honey from Estacada, OR

What makes our Raw Wild Blackberry Honey stand out among the rest is its perfectly balanced taste – not too sweet, not too light but just right.

Raw Wildflower Honey from Dufur, OR

Hailing all the way from eastern Oregon, our Raw Wildflower Honey is packed with a distinct light taste and color that will linger on your taste buds.

Wildflower Honey from Toutle, WA

A Pure Raw Honey flavor that truly lives up to its name as it’s taken from an area where only wildflowers bloom.

On top of our Raw Honey pints, you may also want to try out our Oregonian Propolis Shavings and Beeswax from Oregon to complete your Eternal Honey collection.

Just a few sweet reminders about our Eternal Honey Raw Honey products:

It is only natural for our Raw Honey products to crystallize, which is actually a good thing as it gets to preserve its natural flavor and quality. If you want to decrystallize it, put it near heat or you can use hot water.

Our honey is not pasteurized nor does it have additives and preservatives – we’re all about keeping it pure and natural.

  • Each Gallon bucket is 12lb net wt.
  • Each Quart jar is 44oz net wt.
  • Each Pint jar is 22oz net wt.
  • Each Hex jar is 8oz net wt.

The color and texture of raw honey may vary and change over time.

Eternal Honey: The Gift of Natural Sweetness for a Lifetime

We at Eternal Honey take pride in our 100% pure raw honey and being a local provider across Oregon and Washington, we wish to spread the gift of natural sweetness that’s bound to last for a lifetime. We take providing high-quality products very seriously. Our Raw Honey is handled with care; from helping prepare the bees for harvest up to closely monitoring the pollination.

With the current situation of the world given the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us are extra careful with our health. With that being said, we can guarantee the safety of our products.

Drop by our website and make your selection. We’d BEE very happy to assist you in any way that we can!

Eternal-Honey: Local Raw Honey, FAQs

How long is raw honey good for?

Raw Honey has an indefinitely long shelf life. Over time, it crystallizes in form but it never spoils. Just make sure not to drop any form of food particles on it.

Is raw honey better than filtered honey in Portland, OR?

Yes, raw honey has a more natural component. As such, it is packed with tons of natural vitamins and nutrients, making it one of the most nourishing foods out there. Filtered honey undergoes a heating process where it kills the enzymes, amino acids, and vitamins in the process.

Is Honey safe to use?

Yes, it can be eaten as is and mixed with your drink or food.

How is honey strained?

Honey is strained using a strainer only to remove any impurities.

Should you refrigerate honey?

Not necessarily; honey can last long without refrigeration.

Should you refrigerate raw honey?

No, raw honey does not need to be refrigerated.

Is a spoonful of honey a day good for you?

Yes, honey is known to be associated with tons of health benefits. Taking it in moderation, such as at least one spoon a day, is recommended.

How much raw honey should I eat a day in Portland, OR?

Generally, raw honey can be eaten for about 1 to 5 tablespoons.

How do I know if my honey is pure?

Pure honey is supposed to be thick in consistency and will not easily spill or spread on the surface.

Which honey is best in Vancouver, WA?

Eternal Honey!

Does honey ever expire?

Honey has no expiration date.

What are the benefits of Raw unfiltered honey?

Raw unfiltered honey has lots of vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids.

Is filtered honey bad for you?

Although its vitamins and nutrients are reduced, there are no reports claiming that filtered honey is bad for one’s health provided that it’s taken in moderation.

What is the color of pure honey?

Pure honey ranges from transparent to a shade of dark brown. As it becomes older, the darker in color it becomes.

Does pure honey freeze in the fridge?

Yes, it can.

How much does Raw Honey cost?

A jar of honey’s price starts at $7.

Are 2 tablespoons of honey a day too much in Portland, OR?

Not really, as you can have between 1 to 5 tablespoons of honey per day.

What are the benefits of using raw honey?

Because of its natural components, honey is known to be greatly beneficial for health. It’s a good source of antioxidants. It also heals wounds, soothes sore throats, and eases digestive problems.

What happens when you drink raw honey with warm water every morning?

Drinking honey with warm water will remove toxins in your body, leaving you feeling refreshed and healthy. Likewise, your metabolism will improve and can also aid with weight loss.

Is raw honey good for skin in Vancouver, WA?

Yes! Honey is known for its detoxifying effect especially when mixed with warm water.

Does raw honey make you lose belly fat?

Honey is associated with aiding weight loss as it helps melt the belly fat first.

Is dark honey better than light honey?

No, it just means that it was harvested from plants that have darker nectar and darker pollen. It also has a stronger and more intense flavor that will sting (pun intended!) your taste buds with healthy sweetness.

What happens to honey when you freeze it?

Honey will harden, especially raw pure honey.

How long can you freeze honey in Vancouver, WA?

You can freeze honey for as long as you want.

Can you mix different honey?

Yes, it is harmless.

Is honey still good if it turns dark?

Darkened honey is still safe and good to eat, although there might be some changes to the flavor.

Which honey is best for weight loss in Portland, OR?

Raw honey mixed in warm water is best known to aid in weight loss.

Can honey make your skin glow?

Honey, especially raw honey, is known to have great effects on the skin, leaving it more supple and healthier. Whether it’s eaten or used as a DIY home remedy for your facial care, with regular and proper use, you can achieve healthy, glowing skin in the long run.

Can I wash my face with honey every day?

Yes, honey has natural ingredients and is safe to use and a highly effective cleanser.

Does honey help wrinkles?

Definitely! The natural antioxidants found in honey will take care of lessening wrinkles and fine lines, making your skin increase its elasticity.